Have you ever wondered about the myth and folklore surrounding you on your trip to Ikea for that new flat pack wardrobe? Or the strange world that exists in Tesco’s car park when you do your weekly shop? Perhaps not - but today's guest, Gareth E. Rees, certainly has.

Gareth has made it his mission to explore the magic of the everyday by recontextualising the unloved spaces we occupy in modern life. Author of 'Car Park Life', 'Marshland', and 'The Stone Tide', his latest work takes its title from his website- Unofficial Britain- a mixture of fiction, articles, music and art offering unusual perspectives on the contemporary landscape.

Gareth and I discuss what triggered his interest in the mundane, and our conversation explores spaces like marshlands, industrial estates, carparks, and rubbish tips. We also discuss the theatricality of hospitals and the romanticisation of roundabouts and motorways. 


(Recorded November 2020)

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